No No, just let people sit there and rot while you go about your day

hospital-bed1.jpgWorking at a hospital, I sometimes see senior citizens checked-in to the hospital with some very serious bedsores after being in a nursing home.  In fact, bedsore deaths account for higher deaths than those caused by adverse drug reactions. I am not going to bash all nursing homes, but I think there are some ignorant and lazy people out there who aren’t realizing the damage they’re causing by not carefully caring for those who cannot move themselves in bed. There are many nursing home patients who are disabled and need constant care. 

I see this as a HUGE public relations problem.  As a young PR professional, I have learned a company should be trustworthy.  If your potential customers don’t trust in the service you’re providing, it’s downhill from there.  

Nursing homes should consider the amount of publics they’re dealing with.  For one, adults who are looking for a place for their parents will spend a large amount of time researching nursing homes.  Also, not all senior citizens are vegetables and if they see bedsores on others–see ya later.  They aren’t going to stick around. 

And, what happens when there is a lawsuit against the nursing home for bedsores?  Yea, it might have been one employee who failed to care for someone, but it will shed a negative light over the entire organization.

I feel sorry for those senior citizens in nursing homes rotting away while lazy employees go about their day.  Maybe they don’t realize the damage they’re causing while neglecting their work.  This is a serious problem.  I hope nursing homes show training videos that give graphic photos of what bedsores look like.  Maybe that will give employees the kick in the ass they need to care for someone appropriately. 

I can’t fathom what these employees are thinking.  Just go ahead, skip your room numbers and let your responsibilities rot away in their rooms.  They don’t need any attention.  Bedsores that appear and are so deep in the skin that you can actually see inside a person’s body aren’t that big of deal I guess…


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  1. Maxim says:

    Can I use your hospital bed image for my project?
    Please reply.

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