The laggards are catching on

Well, I guess the elderly are starting to jump on the Internet bandwagon.  Should companies in healthcare be thinking about this audience?  Yep. old_peoples1.jpg

I was surfing the Web, and I found an article from the magazine, Nursing Homes.  A study showed that older adults are the fastest growing Internet users.  I bet not many companies target Web sites to the elderly, except the staff at It’s Never 2 Late.  This organization actually trains senior citizens to use the Web.  It offers a Web site where senior citizens can navigate EASILY.  The labels and content are clear and easy to understand.  This audience can go to Internet pharmacies and even get their medicine. 

 It seems like companies have overlooked the older audience.  It’s ironic, because they are the ones who are in need of the prescription drugs and health information (for the most part).  Companies should maybe start thinking about catering their Web sites to the elder.  Their best customers should be able to order their prescription drugs at home.  Paying their medical bills should be made easy understand.  Paying their hospital and doctor bills could be done in an instant. 

 Kudos to those in Colorado helping senior citizens through the It’s Never 2 Late program.  I hope others catch on and help train senior citizens to use the Web.  And when it happens, I hope companies catch on and learn how to target their Web sites toward the older audience.  After all, they are your best customers!


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